The Reagent Project

The Reagent Project


Hi Guys, we wanted to let you know about a cause we recently came across that we’d love you, as our customers, to get involved with.

The Reagent Project is a non profit organisation based in New York who collect in date reagents and lightly used lab equipment and donate them to scientists around the world who have limited funds to work with. Their aim is to ensure that the incredible impact of scientific development isn’t halted by a lack of resources and can be made possible for thirsty scientists who aren’t lucky enough carry out their research in well funded labs.

Equipment and funding can be in abundance in some areas and absolutely lacking in others, so The Reagent Project aims to redress this and begin to level the playing field.

They’ve already helped labs around the world including research centres and medical facilities in Virginia, Tanzania, Durban and Kenya with over 2 tonnes of equipment and resources, but need regular supplies in order to continue their invaluable work and mission to make #ScienceForAll a reality.

You can read their mission statement here.

There are loads of ways that you can help: Making a fiscal donation, donating reagents and equipment that you’re happy to share or have a surplus of and spreading the word using the hashtag #GiveScience. You can even donate in Bitcoins.

Get your lab involved and give scientists around the world the opportunity to do what they love and make a real difference.

Thanks for reading,
The Clent Life Science Team