SmartGlow™ Loading Dye with Safe GreenStain 1ml


  • SmartGlow™ LD (Loading Dye) is supplied at 6X concentration
  • Can be added directly to the samples
  • No dye needs to be added to the gel or running buffer
  • Enables you to view and document your results using a UV or blue light illuminator after electrophoretic separation
  • Emits green fluorescence when bound to dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA

Product Code: E4500-LD

Category: Product ID: 7444


Protocol for SmartGlow LD

  • Prepare agarose for polyacrylamide solution
  • Pour gels
  • Mix SmartGlow LD with samples and DNA markers at a 1:5 (dye to sample) dilution
  • After electrophoresis is complete, view the gel using a UV or blue light illuminator


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