Orbi-Shaker™ CO2 XL with flat mat platform


  • Horizontally circular 19mm orbit for aeration and mixing
  • Designed to maximise capacity and work with most CO2 incubators
  • Adjust settings without disrupting the CO2 environment using remote control

Product Code: BT4011-E


Benchmark Scientific’s CO2 series of Orbi-Shakers has been designed to facilitate mixing, shaking and aeration in extreme environments such as CO2 incubators. They can function in environments with 100% humidity and temperatures as high as 60°C.

Run time can be adjusted by the user and mixing speed changed without opening the door of the chamber, as a flat cable (1mm thick) able to pass underneath the incubator door (or through a port) without affecting the seal allows the module to be stored outside of the chamber. The instrument is compatible with Benchmark’s renowned range of MAGic Clamp™ platforms, suited to test tube racks and Erlenmeyer flasks which enable instant changing of various sizes of flask clamp.


Dimensions: (w x d x h)18.5 x 21.25 x 5 in. / 47 x 54 x 12.5 cm
Speed:Variable, 30 to 300 rpm
Max. Capacity:5 x 1L (14 lbs / 6 kg)
Speed Increment:1 rpm
Platform Dimensions:13 x 12 in./ 33 x 30 cm (Included)/ 14 x 12 in./ 35 x 30 cm (MAGic Clamp)
Cord Length:60.5 in. / 154 cm
Operating Temp. Range:0° to +65°C
Weight:25 lbs (11.25kg)
Electrical:230V, 50-60Hz 600W
Warranty:2 Years

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