Lu-mini Luminometer


The Lu-mini is the most innovative, versatile and robust single tube luminometer available on the market, allowing you to test a variety of different size tubes, vials and cuvettes without the need for adaptors and can be used out in the field or kept back at the lab.

This compact instrument from Vitl Life Science Solutions combines linearity, sensitivity and reproducibility in its software and is perfectly suited to a wide range of assays such as ATP assays luciferase assays and cell-based assays for drug discovery. It is capable of storing large quantities of data and has a broad dynamic range, it’s also extremely reliable and easy to use with an intuitive LCD touchscreen.

Product Code: V301001

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Fast reading time with optional integration phaseATP determination
Plug-and-play usabilityHygiene monitoring
Easy protocol selection: Single/dual point, peak detect and kinetic data collection to tailor and optimise assay protocols and performanceWater testing
No adaptors are required – Directly accepts 10-15mm round tube/vials as well as 10mm square cuvettesReporter gene assays
Solid-state detectorActive enzyme measurement
Capacity to store up to 1000 test resultsDNA probe assays
USB connectivity for sample/results data transfer and configuration via included PC appMycoplasma detection
Accepts 10 -15mm round tubes/vials as well as 10mm square cuvettesLuminescent immunoassay (LIA)
Intuitive LCD touchscreen user interfaceCell-based assays
Drug discovery
Measurement range:1.70E-15
Warranty:1 year
LCD Touch Panel:3.5 inch
Power:100∼240V, 50∼60Hz, 1.0A