Hotshot Diamond PCR Mastermix


  • Our PCR Master Mix is designed to amplify DNA irrespective of the source with the use of a thermocycler
  • Use with or without dye or probes to allow maximum flexibility for qPCR or End Point PCR
  • High Resolution Melting: HotShot Diamond has been used for many years with LCGreen Plus dye as a convenient and effective kit for HRM
  • HotStart Ab mediated Taq to ensure specificity
  • Use with gDNA, cDNA, and Viral
  • A robust PCR Master Mix supplied as 5x1mL in a 2x concentrated form
  • 500 Reactions at 20ul
  • Can be supplied with ROX for ease of use




Features & Benefits

  • All of our PCR Master Mixes go through stringent QC/QA procedures to ensure batch to batch performance
  • The Taq polymerase used in our PCR Master Mix is inactive until the PCR Master Mix has been incubated at 95C for five minutes thus ensuring greater specificity
  • They contain everything you need for PCR except DNA and Primers
  • We’ve optimised a starting MgCl2 concentration of 6mM and alongside our Taq polymerase we’ve added our proprietary PCR buffers to ensure that you get required results from the start
  • They work with 3 step, 2 step and touchdown PCR protocols
  • We supply our PCR Master Mix in a 2x concentration for convenience (for set up of both small & large volume reactions)
  • They can be used for amplifying sequences with sizes below 100bp and up to at least 1.5kb

High Resolution Melting

  • HotShot Diamond PCR Master Mix works very well for High Resolution Melting with LCGreen Plus™ dye (BioFire Inc). LCGreen Plus dye has been shown to be the best dye for High Resolution Melting techniques.
  • Is our HotShot PCR Master Mix a mix for all the seasons? Perhaps, but we also offer the SureShot PCR Master mix for routine PCR aimed at gel electrophoresis.
  • HotShot Sapphire PCR Master Mix for those multiplex assays that are going straight to gel. We’ve added an inert blue dye to our Sapphire for you.