GL5 – Multiple Analytes (Clinical Research)

The GL5 analyser can be used in Clinical Research applications for a range of direct enzymatic-rate chemistries in one compact instrument.

The GL5 comes pre-programed for Glucose, Lactate, Cholesterol and Alcohol plus one spare channel which can be used to run other Analox single-point-calibration oxidase chemistries.

Application Areas Diabetes Monitoring & research, Clinical Pathology, Alcoholism Research, Sport Science/Exercise Physiology, Routine Biochemistry

Analytes Alcohol, Cholesterol/HDL, Glucose, Glycerol, Lactate, Triglycerides

Method Enzymatic oxygen-rate

Sensor Clark-type amperometric oxygen electrode

Reaction Temp 30°C

Display 32 character backlit LCD

Printer 16 column dot matrix, 1 line/sec.

Statistics Sequential, giving mean, S.D and C.V.

Interface Serial data port

Power 100-250VAC, 50-60Hz, 12-15VDC, 60VA

Dimensions 23cm(width) x 29cm(depth) x 15cm(height)

Weight 3.8Kg (Portable, 6Kg)

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Analox analysers are used to measure clinically relevant compounds such as glucose, urea, uric acid, lactate, ammonia and cholesterol and other widely measured analytes of biotechnology, bioprocessing and industrial importance e.g. ethanol, methanol and glycerol.

The Principle

Analox analysers are based on the principle of enzymatic oxygen uptake of the analyte (sample to be measured) using specific oxidoreductase and dehydrogenase enzymes (reagent consumable) and are used in Clinical & Research and Industrial and Biotechnology applications.

Key Features

Our analysers are available as single and multi-analyte measurement systems with the following features:

  • Easy to use
  • Low operating costs by minimal reagent consumable consumption
  • Results delivered in seconds
  • Small sample volumes
  • Wide range of analytes