Logix Smart Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) – 250 Test Kit


▪ RT-qPCR with Co-Primer technology to detect the novel coronavirus – Covid-19 from Co-Diagnostics Inc

▪ Easy to use. Just add 5 uL of master mix + 5 uL extracted RNA

▪ New technology. Uses special primer/probe molecules called Co-Primers which have shown higher sensitivity compared with other probe types

▪ Evaluated using all available genomic information “in silico” and “wet test.”

▪ High Sensitivity. The limit of detection < 50 copies/reaction in artificial samples using synthetic RNA and simulated serum and respiratory samples

▪ Each reaction contains endogenous internal extraction control primers/probes targeting the human RNAse P gene. Nothing extra to add!

▪ Kit designed for the CoDx Box and compatible with other open systems, using the FAM and HEX channels

▪  CE IVD Marked and in process for FDA EUA (for use in emergencies)

  • 250 Test kit
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