ClentMag Dye Terminator Removal Beads


Uses a paramagnetic bead-based purification system optimised for the removal of excess terminator dyes post sequencing

  • Produces an average contiguous read length of over 700bp
  • The protocol can be performed directly in the 96 well plate
  • No filtration or centrifugation required
  • Reduce BigDye dilution to 1/28 but still maintains strong signal strength
  • Rapid protocol and cost efficient with no requirement for BigDye enhancing buffer
  • Efficient removal of various excess dye terminator chemistries including BigDye versions 1.1 and 3.1.
  • Manual and automation friendly
  • Scalable: tube, 96 or 384 well format
£230.00 £175.00
£1,520.00 £1,175.00
£5,300.00 £4,350.00


An efficient, cost effective method of removing excess terminator dye post sequencing.