BioClave™ 28 Litre


  • Accepts flasks or bottles up to 2L
  • 32cm diameter chamber size
  • Built in water tank, no external water supply connection necessary
  • Fully automatic, just press start
  • Sterilisation times are easily adjustable
  • USB port enables documentation of records onto a computer
  • Due to its size, the BioClave 28 has a delivery cost of £110

Product Code: B4000-28-E

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This brand new 28 litre BioClave™ autoclave from Benchmark Scientific has a larger capacity than previous models meaning it’s able to sterilise 1 and 2 litre bottles and flasks. The internal chamber has a diameter of 32cm however the unit is compact enough to make it suitable for benchtop use, as with the other BioClaves.

The entire process of operation (filling, sterilising, exhausting and drying) is automatic and actioned by pressing the “start” button. 3 cycle options are pre-set as standard programs for sterilising liquids, wrapped instruments or unwrapped plasticware/instruments. If extra drying time is needed at the end of a cycle there is also a “dry only” option.

The settings of the BioClave 28 are all adjustable so varying settings as required for special applications is possible. There’s also a built in USB port which enables parameters to be transferred to a computer so cycle data can be stored or printed as needed. If a record of sterilisation parameters is needed an optional thermal mini printer is also available.



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