BeadBug™ 6 Homogeniser


The most recent addition to Benchmark Scientific’s range of homogenisers, the BeadBug™ 6 microtube homogeniser disrupts up to 6 2.0ml tube samples using a 3 dimensional shaking motion which disrupts samples in order to release their cellular contents (such as nucleic acids and proteins).

A wide variety of sample types including bone and organ tissue can be quickly and easily homogenised: Simply load your samples into the tubes along with the relevant beads and place into the unit to be processed.

The Beadbug™ 6 is easily programmed by setting the number of cycles, pause between cycles, desired speed and time before pressing start.

For convenience, the last programmed parameters remain in memory for repeated runs.

Cross contamination is prevented with the use of sealed tubes.

in the BeadBug 6.After homogenisation, tubes are spun briefly in a centrifuge, and the lysate removed with a pipette.

Designed to fit the needs of medium throughput laboratories, the BeadBug 6 can simultaneously process up to six samples in 2.0ml tubes. With optional adapters, the unit will also accept two 5.0ml tubes. A full range of bead materials and sizes are available in both pre-filed tubes and in bulk to meet all your sample processing needs.

Product Code: D1036-E

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  • Fast, efficient bead homogenisation
  • Process up to 6 samples simultaneously
  • For all sample types, from soft tissue to bone
  • Accepts 2.0ml or 5.0ml tubes
  • Full range of bead materials and sizes are available