ALLin™ RPH Polymerase, 5 u/µl


highQu ALLin™ RPH Polymerase (Robust, Proofreading, Hot-start Polymerase) is the versatile engineered enzyme combining best polymerase properties for excellence in most demanding PCR applications, like low copy detection, long or high fidelity PCR, amplification of complex templates, crude sample PCR and multiplexing.

ALLin™ RPH Polymerase has 5 times higher fidelity than Taq DNA Polymerase and produces A-tailed products suitable for ligating into TA cloning vectors.




  • Long PCR (up to 35 kb) with higher fidelity
  • Amplification of complex (GC rich) templates
  • Crude sample PCR, multiplex PCR, TA cloning


  • Long (up to 35 kb) high-fidelity (5X higher than Taq) amplification
  • High yields in standard and fast PCR, on GC rich DNA and crude samples
  • 5X ALLin™ PCR Buffer contains optimal Mg2+ and dNTPs