pcr & qpcr
A selection of top performing PCR and qPCR products from Microzone and HighQu, designed to optimise and streamline your research, whatever the system. Click on the links below for more detailed info and pricing for each product and get in touch if you’d like to speak with us about anything listed.
Download our PCR & Electrophoresis workflow flyer here.


PCR Amplification

A range of classic and elite mastermixes, with and without loading dye to suit all PCR systems

Ready-to-use PCR master mix containing recombinant Taq polymerase

A PCR master mix with dye that has all the advantages of MegaMix with the addition of a blue agarose loading dye

An elite hot start PCR mastermix designed for challenging PCR systems, supplied double concentrated

Elite hot start mastermix: A recalibration of Megamix Gold with the same dye as Megamix Blue, supplied double concentrated

A new qPCR reagent using a green dye in the FAM channel of your qPCR Thermocycler

DNA & RNA Enzyme Products

For hot start, standard and direct, high fidelity and long PCR applications

A classic enzyme for routine PCR applications

For demanding PCR applications such as amplification of complex templates, crude sample PCR and fast cycling

With 50 x higher fidelity than taq polymerase

Perfect for complex/longer templates and fast cycling

“Robust, proofreading, hot start” Highly effective for low copy detection, long or high fidelity PCR, amplification of complex templates, crude sample PCR and multiplexing


Probe or dye based methods of measuring qPCR in real time

Gene expression analysis, quantification of gDNA, cDNA, viral DNA, low copy number genes

Offering relative gene expression analysis and absolute quantification