Our Suppliers

We’re proud to bring you products from the following suppliers

Microzone logo

Microzone have been manufacturing molecular biology reagents since 1996. The collection includes sequencing buffers for Sanger sequencing, PCR mastermixes and other products for DNA amplification, extraction and clean up. We’ve been sole UK distributor for them since 2016. See the list of suppliers outside the UK here.

Benchmark Scientific have been developing their range of laboratory equipment since 2004 and have become an internationally recognised market leader. Clent have been supplying their products including centrifuges, incubators, rockers, shakers and thermal cyclers since 2013.

A division of Benchmark Scientific, Accuris was established with a focus on products for precision liquid handling, laboratory weighing and electrophoresis. We have been supplying their products in the UK since 2014.

highqu logo

Based in Germany and founded in 2013, higQu produce top quality reagents for the life science sector. Clent Life Science have been distributing the range which includes taq and high fidelity polymerases since 2013.

haier logo

Haier Biomedical was founded in 1998 and have headquarters in China. We’ve recently added their cryogenic vessels (liquid nitrogen storage systems) for medium capacity storage of between 2400 to 6000 cryovials to our portfolio in early 2018.

BioFire Defense

Formerly Idaho Technology, Inc (operating since 1990) Biofire Defense was established in 2014. We’ve been supplying the UK with their innovative High-Res Melting and Real Time PCR products since 2004.

Analox Instruments have 40 years experience in developing their range of analysers including instruments for the measurement of lactate, alcohol and glucose which are used worldwide in scientific research. We’ve been working with them since 2016 and sell their analysers and wide range of reagents, kits and standards here in the UK.