molecular biology reagents

We manufacture and supply quality Molecular Biology Products from Microzone who have been developing reagents for over 20 years, as well as highQu and Biofire Defense. The range includes products designed to optimise PCR and DNA Clean up, extract DNA and facilitate effective sequencing and electroporesis, plus specialist, one tube mastermixes for qPCR, RT-PCR and RT-qPCR. We also have a new range of magnetic bead based separation products including magnetic racks and units to suit most common tube/sample types, plus effective PCR Clean Up Beads and Dye Terminator Removal Beads.

If you would like to discuss your laboratory’s requirements in more detail please get in touch.

A range of high performance mastermixes for PCR and qPCR from Microzone and highQu.

Extract intact DNA from a variety of sample types with Microzone’s exceptional range of lysing buffers.

Effective electrophoresis essentials from HighQu including, DNA ladders, Protein Ladders, and stains.

Optimise Sanger sequencing by using a lower volume of dye and reducing costs without compromising accuracy with these enhancing buffers from Microzone.

High resolution melting dyes from Biofire Defense inclduing LC Green and Lightscanner Mastermixes, plus tried and tested PCR mastermix favourites.

Powerful 1 Step RT-PCR kits from highQu, plus dye and probe based kits for RT-qPCR.

Suitable for all genomic workflows, includes magnetic separations racks, PCR clean up and DTR beads.

Molecular biology grade water, essential for a wide range of applications.

Brand new genotyping kits from Microzone offering a simple protocol allowing you to go from sample to gel quickly and efficiently.

PCR & DNA Clean up

Products to clean DNA (post PCR or whole genomic) for further downstream applications.