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We have a wide range of commonly used laboratory instruments available, from incubators to thermal cyclers, water baths and aspirators, centrifuges and pipette kits. Included below are some of our best selling instruments. The full portfolio can be accessed via links at the bottom of the page. If you’d like to discuss any of our range please get in touch.

plate sealers
plate sealer

Our exceptional range of heat sealers have been designed to deliver consistent and effective sealing for a wide variety of microplates during PCR or sample storage.

thermal cyclers

Includes the ultra-fast, NGX XXpress qPCR Thermal Cycler, enabling 40 cycle qPCR in as little as 10 minutes plus thermal cyclers for all lab sizes.


Interpret experiment results for a wide range of assays including luciferase, ATP and cell-based assays for drug discovery with this 1 tube Lu-mini from Vitl Life Science Solutions


Eliminate cross-contamination and destroy 99% of stray DNA with the popular nUVaClean from Propette. Fits nearly all pipette types and can clean up to 6 pipettes at a time.

mygel instaview

A complete range of electrophoresis products including starter kits, DNA stains and ladders, protein ladders and smartphone imaging systems.


Disrupt any sample types with ease using our growing range of bead-beating homogenisers and pre-filed tubes of scilica or glass beads.