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Identify variations in nucleic acid sequences post PCR quickly, easily and cheaply using High Resolution Melting. The below products have been chosen to speed up and facilitate HRM analysis, enabling the researcher to detect epigenetic differences, polymorphisms and mutations in double stranded DNA samples.

High Resolution Melting Dye

Products from BioFire Defense specifically designed for High Resolution Melting and for use with their LightScanner Instrument.

BioFire Defense

Tailored specifically for HRM. Extremely stable and does not inhibit PCR. Detects heteroduplexes during melting analysis after PCR, simply add the dye to your sample before PCR.

Ready to use PCR master mix with LCGreen Plus Dye. Provides a pre-optimised solution to deliver superior PCR performance for Hi-Res Melting®and genotyping applications

PCR Mastermix Products

We offer a variety of widely used PCR mastermix products that work well with LCGreen Plus dye. These include the following:

Used for many years with LCGreen Plus dye as a convenient and effective kit for HRM

Exceptional amplification for everyday applications

LightScanner® System

The LightScanner, having been discontinued, is no longer available for purchase.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

Utilised in Mutation Discovery, Gene Scanning and Genotyping, the LightScanner® (from Biofire Defense) was the first system to use Hi-Res Melting® (also known as High Resolution Melting, or HRM) analysis for mutation scanning and genotyping in a 96 or 384 well plate system.