Separate proteins and nucleic acids simply and quickly using gel electrophoresis. Our range includes electrophoresis kits from Accuris which are perfect for personal use or small labs as well as equipment and consumables for labs of all sizes and throughputs like agarose powder and tablets, nucleic acid stains from HighQu, protein and dna ladders.

gel visualisation button

The Accuris SmartDoc™ 2.0 has been developed to enable the safe viewing of nucleic acids in agarose gels. The system can also be used to capture quality digital images with your smart phone camera.


Enabling analyses of nucleic acids from 150bp to 6kbp, protein electrophoresis and various blotting protocols. We offer agarose in both EZ tablet form which dissolves quickly and is easy, clean and straightforward to use, or in traditional powder form that’s also always RNase, DNase and Protease free and refined without the use of organic solvents.

systems and kits

Suitable for labs with limited workspace, classrooms or for personal use, these electrophoresis kits from Accuris (Benchmark Scientific) include everything needed for your electrophoretic set up: gel box power supply and casting sets, agarose powder and mini balance.

nucleic acid stains

Highly sensitive staining of NA in agarose and polyacrylamide gels for ssDNA, dsDNA and RNA for visualisation and gel documentation. Under UV light (StainIN™ Red) and/or Blue LED light (StainIN™ GREEN).

protein ladders

Ready to use, high purity protein ladders from HighQu provide sharp bands for approximate protein sizing with exceptional stability.

dna ladders

Ready to use, high purity DNA ladders from Microzone and HighQu’s Take5™ range provide sharp bands for DNA sizing and allow for approximate DNA quantification by comparing the amount of DNA of the band similar in size to your sample band.