Benchmark’s nUVaClean is a pipette sterilisation carousel. It accepts that vast majority of single channel pipettes. Just load the carousel and press go. The pipettes are bathed in UV light killing baterial and viral DNA and RNA. The cycle last 20 minutes and kills 99.9% of viral material.

Keep pipettes clean and safe for users.

More information is available here

plate sealers
Plate Sealer

Our manual plate sealers are a fast, easy way to seal plates ready for qPCR.

They are compact and can sit in a fume cupboard or laminar flow.

We also supply qPCR plate seals contact us for details

vornado blue cup

Small yet powerful is the best word to describe this mini vortexer. With a 4mm orbit and fixed speed of 2800rpm, the Vornado instantly vortexes even the largest samples

Insta-Touch operation

The Vornado’s unique head design prevents liquids from entering the housing,

thermal cyclers

There are a number of features about the thermocyclers we offer that include:

  • They’re fast.
  • They’re OPEN
  • They’re intuitive to use.

Contact us for more details.

The Mortexer is a powerful lab vortex mixer. Able to cope with the most ardent of mixing requirements. Visit the product page for full details.