Cookies Used On Our Website

Our website uses cookies, as almost all websites do, to help provide you with the best experience we can. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or phone when you browse the internet. Cookies enable us to improve our site by managing security and speed, remembering your settings between visits and making sure the website works as you need it to. We don’t use cookies to collect any sensitive information or personally identifiable information without your express permission and we don’t pass personally identifiable data to third parties or advertisers.

Our own cookies (first party)

The cookies set by our website enable necessary functions like allowing you to add a comment to our products and blog, remembering your search settings and making the shopping basket and checkout process work. They need to be set for our website to work properly, so if you disable cookies from your browser please be aware that parts of the site may not work as they should.

Other cookies (third party)

Like almost all websites we do use functions that are provided by other companies like utilising Google Maps on our contact page.

These third parties can set cookies of their own when you engage with our site, for example if you use a social media button.

Anonymous Visitor Statistics Cookies

We also use cookies to help us compile analytics (statistics about the number of people using our website, the pages they frequent, the searches they make to find products and how they found our site). This information collected anonymously and is an important part of how we monitor and improve our site and its content.

We cannot be responsible for the privacy and cookie policies of any of these external companies, however you can read their policies below and in some cases, contact them directly to opt out of their cookie use and tracking for marketing and advertising purposes.

Granting us permission to use cookies

We will notify you about the essential cookies we use and ask your permission to use the none-essential cookies listed below when you visit our website.

Turning cookies off

You can also switch cookies off by adjusting your browser settings.

Please bear in mind that doing this will likely limit how our site functions (for example placing items in the shopping cart). This is also true for most websites. If your reasons for rejecting cookies are related to concerns around internet security you may wish to consider utilizing popular anti-malware systems as an alternative to disabling cookies, so that the functionality of the websites you visit isn’t compromised.

External Links

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Types of Cookie

Session cookie

This links your actions on our website using a session ID (unique to that visit) and only lasts for as long as your browser session. It is then deleted.

Persistent cookie

Stored on your device, persistent cookies enable your preferences and actions across a site to be remembered. They aren’t deleted when you close your browser and are activated when you visit the site that created the cookie. They can last for various amounts of time.

Categories of cookie

Strictly necessary cookie – These cookies are essential to a website and enable you to use features like filling in a form, using the shopping basket or making a purchase

Performance cookie – Performance cookies collect details about how a website is used to help improve the way it works

Functionality cookie – Functionality cookies allow a website to remember the choices you make (like your choices when using the search function) and to provide more personalised features to optimise your experience

Targeting/advertising cookie – These are used to deliver adverts which are more relevant to you and your interests. We do not make use of these ourselves however they can be set by companies like Google and Twitter (see below for more details).

Cookies on our site

 Cookies Source Duration  Function to check whether your web browser is set to allow, or reject cookies information about your cart the customer and session expiration time
 __stripe_mid, our secure payment system
 gdpr[allowed_cookies], gdpr[consent_types] yearGDPR cookie request, GDPR consent
 m.m.stripe.com10 yearsEnables our secure payment system
 nsr.m.stripe.networksessionEnables our secure payment system your shopping basket
 _AVESTA_ENVIRONMENT mailchimp.comsessionUsed by our email marketing platform when you sign up to our newsletter yearsGoogle Analytics – used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier minuteLimits the percentage of requests and compiles information about how visitors use the site dayGoogle Analytics – Used to differentiate users
 1P_JARgoogle.com1 dayUsed to gather website statistics and to track conversion rates.
 NIDgoogle.com6 monthsContains a unique ID Google uses to remember your preferences and other information
bcookie,bscookie, leo_auth_token, lidc < 2 daysFrom the LinkedIn widget: Browser and secure browser ID cookies, tracks which page the user visits
 ct0,twitter.com1 dayEnables personalisation and preferences via the twitter widget
 eu_cntwitter.com1 yearRemembers which products you have viewed
 external_referertwitter.com1 weekUsed to aggregate information about button usage
guest_id, 2 yearsUsed to identify you to twitter, collects info about your browsing behaviour for marketing purposes including digital display and social media advertising
 JSESSIONID, sessionUsed for sign in with LinkedIn
OTZ month Allow sharing of a page on Google plus account