clentmag magnetic bead based purification

The beads for all your genomic workflows

These brand new products have been designed to bring a simple, no nonsense approach to both PCR clean up and dye terminator removal.

ClentMag PCR and ClentMag DTR beads can be used with our magnetic unit to create an incredibly simple, universal protocol suitable for any method you’re currently using.

clentmag unit
ClentMag Unit

Quick, effective removal of supertanant from samples. For use with our PCR Clean Up Beads and Dye Terminator Removal Beads

  • 96 well plates
  • Quick, efficient and reproducible separation time (< 30 seconds)
  • Suitable for any paramagnetic bead-based purification process
  • Manual and automation friendly

Price: £650

clentmag pcr clean up beads

Efficient and complete removal of contaminants such as unincorporated dNTPs, salts and enzymes 

  • Allows success in downstream applications such as next generation and Sanger sequencing
  • Fast amplicon recovery eliminates the need for additional clean up steps
  • No filtration or centrifugation required
  • Consistently high recovery and reproducibility of amplicons >100bp
  • Manual and automation friendly
  • 15 minute processing time (with 96 samples)
  • Scalable: tube, 96 and 384 well format
 Amplicons purified with ClentMag PCR Clean Up beads are ready to be used in the following downstream applications:-

PCR, Mutation detection and genotyping, Sequencing (Sanger and Next Generation), Cloning

clentmag dye terminator removal beads

Uses a paramagnetic bead-based purification system optimised for the removal of excess terminator dyes post sequencing

  • Produces an average contiguous read length of over 700bp
  • The protocol can be performed directly in the 96 well plate
  • No filtration or centrifugation required
  • Reduce BigDye dilution to 1/28 but still maintains strong signal strength
  • Rapid protocol and cost efficient with no requirement for BigDye enhancing buffer
  • Efficient removal of various excess dye terminator chemistries including BigDye versions 1.1 and 3.1.
  • Manual and automation friendly
  • Scalable: tube, 96 or 384 well format

5ml Trial Pack – £230

50ml Pack – £1520

Both our PCR Clean Up Beads and Dye Terminator Removal Beads are also available in 250ml and 500ml pack sizes. Please contact us for pricing.