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Free Roto-Mini™ when you purchase either a Roto-Therm™ Plus or a Roto-Mini™ Plus

  • Suitable for a wide range of common lab applications including histochemistry, hybridization, resuspension, nucleic acid purification and protein binding
  • Features adjustable motion from vertical to horizontal mixing and accommodates most common sizes of tube (from 0.5ml to 50ml)
  • Chamber temperature can be digitally programmed to maintain temperatures of ambient +5°C to 60°C and in lab calibration function ensures accurate temperature control
  • Variable speed: 5 to 70rpm
  • “Mix”,”Pause” and “Rock” functions 

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  • Wide range of mixing capabilities and comes with interchangeable tube holders enabling you to use all most common tube types (from 0.5ml to 50ml).
  • Suitable for a range of applications such as nucleic acid purification, protein binding and resuspension.
  • Both horizontal (rolling/hybridization style) and vertical (end over end) mixing are possible.
  • Variable speed: 5 to 70rpm
  • “Mix” “Pause” and “Rock” functions  
  • Additional rocking platform and 96 x 0.2ml tube/strip/plate holder are also included for mixing PCR vessels in the “Mix” (oscillating) mode

Offer Code: #ROTMJUNE18

  • Advanced programming with a wide variety of rotational modes: It can be set to a full 360° rotation or alternatively rotations can be interrupted for pausing and mixing intervals
  • Speed can be varied from slow rotating to vigorous mixing
  • Accepts most common tube sizes (1.5 to 50ml)

Free myFuge™ 12 when you purchase a new MC-24™ touch high speed microcentrifuge

  • Unique air flow system keeps samples cool
  • With full colour touch screen
  • mySpin™ 1 button program recall (brings up your preferred pre programmed setting)
  • 24 place COMBI-Rotor™ accepts both tubes and strips
  • Compact design conserves bench space (9 x 12 x 7.75 in.)

Offer Code: #MICROJUNE18

  • The only compact microcentrifuge that is able to achieve centrifugal speeds up to the critical threshold of 16,000 xg
  • Maintenance free drive system
  • Large, bright LCD provides a clear indication of time and rpm or g-force
Incubators and shakers

Free MyTemp™ Mini when you purchase an Incu-Shaker™ Mini

  • The most compact shaking incubator in its class
  • Large 11.5 x 9.5 in. work space accepts several platforms and a variety of flasks, tubes and other common vessels
  • Standard platform (included) features a non-slip, rubber coated surface that is ideal for tissue culture flasks, Petri dishes and staining trays

Offer Code: #INCUJUNE18

Worth £390

  • Digital temperature control
  • Allows easy “set and walk away” operation
  • Continually monitors the chamber temperature
  • Temperature is displayed in real time on an LED control panel
  • 14.5 x 13″ footprint with large internal chambers
  • Can store flasks and bottles up to 2 litres
  • Increased capacity from 2 adjustable and removable shelves

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