HighQu manufacture products for DNA, RNA and protein research. Methods supported include PCR, qPCR, reverse transcriptase, electrophoresis, protein research and other molecular biology applications

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Benchmark Scientific Inc manufacture laboratory instrumentation including Mixers, Vortexes, shaker, incubators, centrifuges, water and dry baths, homogenisers, autoclaves and more. For labs both small and large. 




BioFire (formerly known as Idaho Technology) manufacture High Resolution Melting dyes and PCR master mixes. Always providing innovative instrumentation and reagents for research, security and diagnostics.

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Clent Life Science offer our own range of reagents for DNA research. This includes PCR Mastermixes such as our Hotshot Diamond, DNA extraction and release and DNA Clean Up


4titude supply a range of PCR plates, deep well plates and tubes for Life Science Research.



Analox Instruments manufacture a range of analysers, reagents, kits and accessories for use in the Clinical & Research and Industrial & Biotechnology markets.