Molecular Biology Reagents

Bringing carefully selected, truly effective products to the life science industry.

Here you'll find ranges including our PCR mastermixes and products to assist with electrophoresis, DNA release and extraction and 1 step RT-qPCR & RT-PCR 


We offer our own ranges of molecular biology reagents which include:

PCR Mastermix Products

For specific, robust amplification of your DNA from the first cycle


DNA Clean Up

DNA clean up post PCR or from genomic samples


DNA Release

Release DNA and add direct to your PCR / qPCR - Simple!


We are pleased to bring you the complete selection of Microzone products. Click here to view the extensive range


High Qu offer a range of enzymes, reagents and mastermixes, click below to find out more:

RT-qPCR & RT-PCR Products

RNA Reverse Transcriptase followed by realtime PCR all in one tube: Faster, less pipetting and less chance of mistakes

DNA & RNA Enzyme Products

DNA and RNA enzymes from HighQ are designed for the busy researcher needing consistent results time after time

qPCR Products 

Research reagents for qPCR ofDNA, Mixes for use with probes or dyes. Ready to use master mixes. One step RNA qPCR reagents with reverse transcriptase and dye


Electrophoresis Products

A range of products carefully selected to assist you with Electrophoresis in any laboratory, including Agarose tablets, all in one electrophoresis tanks, power supplies, protein ladders and DNA ladders