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News & Publications

Guardian Science 

New Scientist

The Scientist

Nature Biotechnology


Blogs & Vlogs

It's Okay To Be Smart - Insight and entertainment from Joe Hanson, PhD

Applied Science - Youtube Channel with insights into science and tech

Biotech Strategy Blog - Scientific commentary on news and innovations with a slant towards Oncology, Hematology and Cancer Immunotherapy

The Naked Scientists - Podcasts, articles and links on a vast array of scientific subjects

Biology Subreddit - Interesting links, debates and discussions on a range of topics


Ad Hoc Science Sundries

Exploring the Invisible - A scientist's work unveiling the hidden beauty of the natural world... (art meets science)

PopSci's Biodesign Challenge - Articles from a range of authors on Bioart, Biohacking and loads more..

TedTalks on Biotech - Always insightful talks from experts, this collection is on topics such gene editing, 3D printing in medicine and nanotechnology