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 The products that Clent Life Science make and distribute are chosen for the simplicity of their design and for how well they deliver results.

 Our aim is simple: To help customers focus on their results rather than the tools they use.

Featured Products

TC-32 Mini Thermal Cycler


The brand new TC-32 Mini Thermal Cycler from Benchmark Scientific has the lowest price point and highest capacity of any of the main mini cyclers on the market.

  • Capacity for 32 x 0.2ml tubes
  • 4x8 format also accepts tube strips
  • Intuitive touch screen control
  • Works when wearing gloves
  • Extremely easy to use icon driven programming
  • Compact Size 9 x 7 inch footprint


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Our carefully selected, forward thinking suppliers include:

Microzone have been manufacturing products for the molecular biologist since 1998. With products sold throughout the world, you are in safe hands with a Microzone mastermix, DNA release, or cleanup product.

Analox Instruments Ltd is an independent company established in the United Kingdom with 40 years experience in the development, manufacture and supply of analytical measurement systems (analysers and biochemical reagent consumables) for the scientific research markets.

Clent Life Science offer our own range of reagents for DNA research. This includes PCR Mastermixes such as our Hotshot Diamond, DNA extraction and release and DNA Clean Up.


DNAMITE® Plant Kit


DNAMITE® is our DNA extraction kit perfect for extracting large amounts of high purity DNA. We have kits to extract DNA from plant leaves, petals, seeds, stems and tubers. DNAMITE is far quicker than spin-column methods and uses fewer steps. It doesn’t use ethanol, phenol, chloroform or isopropanol, so it’s safer for you and for the environment.

2PLK-100 DNAMITE Plant Kit 100 Tests

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BioFire (formerly known as Idaho Technology) manufacture High Resolution Melting dyes and PCR master mixes. They always provide innovative instrumentation and reagents for research, security and diagnostics.

Benchmark Scientific Inc manufacture laboratory instrumentation including Mixers, Vortexes, shaker, incubators, centrifuges, water and dry baths, homogenisers, autoclaves and more. For labs both small and large. 


highQu manufacture products for DNA, RNA and Protein research. Methods supported include PCR, qPCR, reverse transcriptase, electrophoresis, protein research and other molecular biology applications.