Clent Life Science is pleased to announce our agreement with Microzone to become their commercial representative of all of their Microzone branded products. We will supply the UK and all other global markets.

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Premium reagents & instrumentation

for the crowded and not so crowded laboratory bench top!


The first few cycles of PCR are the most important. Our master mixes perform right from the start!

There are many Master mix formulas on the market and it's often hard to know where to start.

With exceptional amplification properties & the ability to survive multiple freeze-thaw cycles

.....we know our master mixes out perform and where you should start.

Shakers, Rockers and Vortexers of all shapes & sizes and temperature!

Hi Performance Homogenisers

Lyse, grind and homogenise a broad variety of biological samples. Even the most difficult and resistant samples are fully homogenised, often in 35 seconds or less.


Compact Autoclave

Despite it's small size the BioClave Mini has an 8 litre capacity. Designed specifically for researchers, the BioClave comes fully automatic as standard.